About Us

We have a great bunch of regulars who share stories at our gatherings.  There are also three organisers of the club who do behind-the-scenes work, host the evenings and keep things running smoothly.

Honor Giles - I have worked as a professional storyteller for the last 16 years, although there are many who would say I have been telling stories all my life.  I have had a life-long love of the fold tradition, originally through music and dance, and eventually focussing on the oral tradition of storytelling.  I love passing on stories from around the world to new audiences, introducing new tales to youngsters and rekindling the memories of past times with the older generation.  I think of storytelling as "painting a picture with words".  My professional work has taken me to locations all over the country, and every imaginable venue, from country houses, via schools, libraries and community centres, to orchards, woods barns and even a pig sty (although a very posh one!)

Word of Mouth has been a huge part of my life since its first manifestation as 'Stories at the 8th Day' founded by Alan Sparkes in 1995, and I became part of the organising team in about 1998, along with Clive Hopwood, Pauline Bennett, Caroline Noall, and Sarah Race.  I have also felt so at ease with the other storytellers who come to our monthly gatherings, and it is a joy to hear stories to by so many talented and inspiring tellers.  I am immensely proud of the fact that we still meet every month but January after 21 years.  Being involved has given me huge confidence as a storyteller myself, and has been an introduction to an imaginative and creative world in which I now feel very much at home.

Helen Stewart - In October 2000, I attended a weekend workshop on storytelling at Heaton Park.  There I met Honor and Pauline and my life changed forever.  I went into the course a teacher who told stories and came out a storyteller who taught.  A sea change in my attitude and a burning ambition to tell, tell, and tell some more.  Becoming part of the Word of Mouth team (Clive, Pauline, Honor and Sarah) was a dream come true.  I made my debut on stage at The Britons Protection in November 2000 telling 'Death in the Market Place' and went on to do my first paid gig at the Stubbing Wharf in Hebden Bridge.
Cut to 2019!  Honor and I have been running Word of Mouth together for quite a few years now and are delighted to be celebrating the 24th birthday of this wonderful club.  I don't know where the last few years have gone, but I do know that they have been filled with hard work, planning, adventures and storytelling of all sorts.  When I found storytelling I knew I had found my tribe.

Tom Hughes - I have been telling tales to audiences for over a decade now, having a particular love for folk tales of pipers and working in a bit of music wherever I can.  I love legends linked with landscape and often share stories from my native Cheshire, a county packed with more than its fair share of tales.

I've performed in museums, cathedrals,  medieval castles, festival stages and many more, but one of my favourite settings is this club.  I'm a relative newcomer to Word of Mouth, but was made so welcome on my first visit that I knew it was the place for me.  I was delighted to join the team with Honor and Helen, and help them run the club for a few years.  Recently, I've moved to Dumfries, Scotland, but stay a regular visitor to Word of Mouth, making the pilgrimage every few months and help run the website at a distance.  I look forward to enjoying plenty of great tales at the club in future.

If you'd like to know more, please drop us an email.